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Confessions of the Golf Club bar staff

This feature is just for laughs! We will aim to share some of the funnier stories from years gone by for your amusement. If you recognise the story and are one of the main protagonists, don’t worry we won’t name and shame!

The tale of the bitter lemon

bitter lemon

The scene: A busy theme night many moons ago. I was collecting glasses after a brief (and frankly welcome) lull at the bar.

I am just about in ear shot of the bar when I see a gentleman make his way up and ask a young, eager and enthusiastic new barman for a gin and bitter lemon. The room is fairly busy and noisy so I’m not too surprised to hear the barman ask the gentleman if he can repeat his order.

As I’m carrying glasses back to the bar I see the new barman produce a slice of lemon in a set of tongs and present it to the customer!! Thankfully the gentleman in question saw the funny side of this story when he heard the barman say ‘I’m so sorry, I thought you said a bit of lemon!’

Always remember to be on hand to help new starters and always be sure of what you’ve heard!

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Inactive mind and writers block

Of late I have struggled with keeping my brain engaged and finding inspiration for writing. It’s not something I have ever struggled with before and it is painfully frustrating. I have started and scrapped a whole host of pieces on various subjects over the last few weeks. I just cannot seem to focus on anything to give it the attention to detail and finesse writing deserves. A lecturer told me very early on that if you don’t enjoy what you are writing then it most likely won’t be your best work and in all honesty I am struggling to find the love for any of my work lately. In the past I have been whole heartedly satisfied with the writing I have produced. It may sound big headed but if I have written something I am really happy with I love reading it. It gives me a huge amount of satisfaction to write something I like even if it doesn’t always get the audience I think it deserves.

In the past I always hated my work and before I came to university I could think of nothing worse than writing articles on any subject. Over the last few years I have learned to enjoy writing and I am hoping that penning my current frustrations will get me back to that stage. I have spells where I can write prolifically, waking up in the middle of the night with an idea I have to get out of my head and typed as soon as possible. At my worst (now) I am scratching around waiting for an idea to pop into my head or fall into my lap. I was asked by a friend to help out with something they have been asked to write for work yesterday and I couldn’t have been happier to have received the request. My relief was twofold; firstly I have the opportunity to write something where the idea has been mapped out for me and secondly it’s nice to be trusted with a project. It helps me realise that my work is appreciated by some and that I have the skills needed to help others.

My idleness has not helped to get creative juices flowing and I am currently spending a lot of time trying to think of ways to make myself more active in more ways than one. I am lucky enough to live in an area that provides a beautiful backdrop for walks. Everywhere you go where I live there is a view and at times it is very easy to take it for granted.

This weekend saw my mum throw a surprise barbeque for my dad who turned 60 last week. The day was a huge success with loads of family and family friends. It was nice to reminisce about water fights in the summer as kids and previous family outings and get togethers. I should throw a blanket thank you out to all those who helped out and turned up and made it such a wonderful day.

My brother seemed to enjoy himself a great deal and it gave him the opportunity to take some snaps with his new camera which I am sure he won’t mind if I share here.

Tim 1Tim 2

A wonderful childhood with fantastic memories

Today marks ten years since a very good friend passed away. To mark the occasion my friends and I got together on Saturday at his football club and celebrated his life. We shared fantastic memories with each other and his family and the night was an awesome reflection on Peter’s life.

If I am completely honest the build up to the event had me feeling a strange sense of nervousness and my stomach was full of butterflies all day. I have an uncanny knack of piling a ton of unneeded and often imaginary pressure on big social events only to relax as soon as I get there and have a wonderful time. I think the impact and realisation that ten years had passed got the better of me on the day and as I walked in through the doors I was a nervous wreck.

The second I saw Pete’s mum and dad I realised how stupid I had been. Here I am worrying about a series of ‘what ifs?’ and there they are proud as punch that we can still come together and raise a glass to our good friend.

It has been a good while since I sat down with that many of the boys and had a good drink and chat with them. I love the fact that as soon as we come together everything else goes away and we still laugh at the same stupid things and waste hours talking about football. Then there are the girls. I have to say I am part of a really tight community, a community that infuriates me at times but at times like this I am proud of. The girls are always there, no matter what. I have always found them to be a sturdy crutch to lean on, seeing them together and catching up this weekend brought a smile to my face.

As the room began to slowly empty Peter’s dad came over and offered the few of us that remained a drink. The sly old fox that he is lead me and others to believe that we would be partaking in a Southern Comfort and lemonade. As it happens we had a good slug of Southern Comfort and Southern Comfort! Either way it was a nice way to toast Pete and I’m sure he would have approved.

The night then got a little messy as I was talked into continuing the festivities elsewhere. I should have known better but it’s all fun and games I suppose. I spent most of yesterday feeling sorry for myself and delaying the one errand that I needed to do which was to pick up my bank card that I left at the pub!

As the evening came to an end I felt thankful for the childhood I had and the people in my life. When I walked in through the door something happened to me that hasn’t happened in a great number of years. I collapsed onto the sofa and began to sob uncontrollably. I don’t know where it came from as the night had been one full of laughs. My guess is that a cocktail of alcohol, reflection and guilt for my nerves got the better of me. Whatever the reason a flood of tears left me and I felt exhausted and refreshed at the same time for the experience.

I should probably throw out a blanket apology to anyone who saw me post 11pm Saturday night as I was particularly well oiled at this point and probably a bit of a nuisance! Something about my drinking partner at this time brings out a strong sense of mischief in me and I can only imagine we were funny for a time before becoming an irritation!

Gluttony and Merriment

So first up sorry for the wait and the neglect of this blog. I have been without Internet for much of my time back home but have also been indulging myself in all the Christmas food, parties and days out you can imagine.  I can’t believe I am saying this but I am seriously looking forward to a healthier more mundane lifestyle in January.

There is a lot to catch up on I suppose and I’m not overly sure where to start. First up there was the work Christmas party which was a hell of a lot of fun. I am very lucky in the sense that I work with good friends so it is easy for us to have a good time outside of work and we don’t have to chat about it to keep the conversation going (although a few highlights did come up).

We started the day karting in Newport and although I wasn’t any good at it I, along with everyone else,  had a wicked fun time and laughed my way through most of it. Laughter did seem to be the theme of the entire day and this was only fueled by the alcohol consumed later on that evening. A good fun day was followed by a relaxing evening in the pub with the fire burning away. This was then followed by a genius idea for some of us to meet family and friends in town and that’s where my memory becomes seriously blurry! It must have been a good night as I was made to pay for it the next day.

As yet I have only produced minimal work for uni and will have to pull my finger out in the next week. One piece of good news is that I got a mark back for an assignment I was sure I had fluffed and it was way off what I had been expecting. Certainly got away with one there, not sure I will be so lucky in the future. 2015 is going to be head down time. Get myself stuck into my books and assignments.

Christmas itself was a blast this year and I must give huge credit for that to my newly engaged friends who put on a hell of a spread and party. It was nice because in the lead up to the event I was worried about mum and dad not being around for it and the day completely took my mind off that and allowed me to relax and enjoy myself.

After the enormous feast we played a variety of drinking games that were so funny I thought at times I would pass out from lack of oxygen I was laughing so much. Good times with good people is what Christmas is all about and I can honestly say that’s what I got this year.

Boxing day where I’m from is kind of a big deal. Nearly the whole population goes out and about to all the local pubs and show off their new clothes and gifts all day and night. My head and heart were not really in it this year but after a little of what I like to call “beer pressure” I gave in and joined friends for a day of more booze and sport. I really enjoy boxing day as it gives people the opportunity to catch up and share Christmas stories.

My only regret this year is that I didn’t catch up with as many people as I would have like to but then it is the same most years. Christmas is a hugely busy time of year and there is an enormous amount of pressure to get things done and visit people that is impossible to live up to sometimes.

In the lead up to Christmas I was feeling a little negative about the whole thing. As a mature student it is really difficult going from a situation where you are completely in control of your finances to having to rein everything in. When I was working I wasn’t always particularly happy but I always worked to the motto that if I can’t afford it I can’t have it. It’s a hundred times more difficult to do that when you work part time and have a loan to rely on financially. At the end of the day I am half way through my degree and as long I work hard and get the right experience it should all be worth it in the end.

I hope everyone reading this had a great time over the festive period and I promise I won’t leave it so long between the now and the next post.

New friends and exam stress

After spending much of the first half of last week talking to contacts for stories and assignments and most of the second half revising for an exam a phone call from a friend came as a welcome relief.

An unplanned trip to Gloucester with my friends work colleague and many of his friends turned out to be one of those fantastic spur of the moment nights out that often trump anything you can plan or organize in advance.

On arrival at my new friends house we were greeted with what can only be described as amazing Italian hospitality.  He and his Polish girlfriend had put on an amazing feast of pasta, pizza, Italian cured meats and salads. To go along with the fantastic Italian cuisine there were some superb Polish flavoured vodkas to wash it all down with.

Needless to say after several drinking games some singing and general misbehaving all were merry and bright. The Italian contingent tried to teach us some funny songs and in return I shared a song all about the wonderful vegetable celery. The less shared about this experience the better me thinks!

We headed to the docks and found ourselves drinking cocktails in TGI Fridays. After a particularly large Long Island ice tea my memory starts to get a little fuzzy but I do remember moving on to Chimichangas and drinking the agave poison that is Tequila. I mean no offence to anyone who loves the Mexican staple drink but it does not agree with me and how I held down so much of it is one of life’s great mysteries.

The rest of the night is too blurry to recall so I won’t bore you with the lack of details. I will say that I had a truly epic night that I enjoyed thoroughly and paid for severely on Saturday.

Saturday was a right off. Very little of anything other than moaning and feeling sorry  for myself happened. It has come to my attention in recent times that alcohol now takes an unmitigated and incomprehensible amount of time to get over. In short my hangovers are approaching the three day mark. My advice to anyone below the age of 25 is as follows: Find a cure for hangovers (one that really works!), Find a way to slow down or stop the ageing process or just stop drinking in excess at that point. Trust me the hangovers just keep getting worse no matter what you do try and prevent them. Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying to you.

In other news I have still got nowhere with regards to Christmas presents and I really must do something to change that. I have a meal with my grandparents on the weekend and I need to take something with me then as I won’t see them at Christmas itself.

I had my first educational exam in a decade today. It was on law and ethics in journalism and it preoccupied most of my sleep or lack of it last night. I feel like it went pretty well so fingers crossed the mark will reflect that. I crammed some decent revision in over the last few weeks and it definitely helped.

The stress last night was almost overwhelming and yet strangely familiar. I haven’t felt so nervous about something in quite some time. The nerves came all of a sudden yesterday and all at once in a big panic ridden hit. I am not sure whether or not I should be grateful it happened that way but there was certainly some nervous energy carried over into this morning that helped me get over the lack of sleep.

On the home front my poor sister is most unwell and I hope a get well message in this post will help to put a smile on her face. Even though I have been teasing her all day about infecting me with whichever virus it is that currently plagues her!

The works Christmas party is in a couple of weeks and it will be good to get together with the lads outside of work and let our hair down. Speaking of hair I am very much in need of a hair cut. A mini fro is starting to appear on top of my head and that last time that happened it didn’t stay mini for very long. Time to chop this one off before it gets out of hand.

Parties and bad news

Having waited for what felt like forever for my mates 30th to come around it has been and gone in a flash. This feeling of life passing me by kind of sums up the month of November for me.

The party on Saturday was good fun with drinking games, sport on the telly and beer in our bellies! Of course it wouldn’t be an alcohol fueled party without a little drama and I personally had to put out a few fires but nothing I couldn’t handle.  The American classic drinking game beer pong provided plenty of entertainment and the photos from that particular event are fairly amusing to study.

There was a band too called “Gasoline” and I really enjoyed listening to them play and singing along badly to the covers they played! I do get an over inflated opinion of my voice when I have had a drink which can lead to some embarrassing flashbacks. These are made all the worse by the use of modern technology recording these cringey moments!


As a result of poor health and too much smoking on the weekend I have developed a cough that is keeping me up at night and has brought about a painful headache. On the plus side I have barely smoked in the last four days and might use this as the catalyst to give up the dirty, expensive habit.


In the week leading up to the party I spent my time divided between paid work and work for uni. I must admit with various distractions my university studies have become a bit a chore at times recently and the opportunity to go and paid whilst working with a close friend did come as a welcome relief and respite.  Having said that after the aches and strains that come with hedge and tree cutting and then shifting a pile of rubble I was grateful the job is only part time!  It seems a strange thing to say but driving around from job to job in the van provides a real sense of comfort and familiarity nowadays.

My diet has been pretty appalling in the last couple of weeks and that is something I am determined to change especially as Christmas looms large on the horizon. With that in mind I purchased a box of fresh veg earlier today and will be basing my meal options for the next few days around said box.

My thoughts over the last week have largely been taken up by some bad news given to me whilst working with my friend. For legal reasons I am not really sure what I can and cannot say on this blog so apologies if this all seems a little ambiguous. Long story short someone who means a lot to me is in a lot of trouble for something he didn’t do and as a result he and his family have been left in a pretty desperate and vulnerable position. There is very little I or anyone else can do to help and that feeling of powerlessness is hanging over me and like a stubborn wet sleeve it’s hard to shake off.

November has always been a pretty strange month for me over the last ten years as it brings up the birthday of a close friend who sadly passed away. Whilst it is always nice to reminisce and talk with friends it does always seem to make my mood somewhat melancholy. One thing is for sure it deeply impacted my life and the way I think about things. Tragedy has a funny way of making you realise what you have got and I am grateful now more than ever for my friends and family.

Speaking of which I am really enjoying the dynamic and setup with both friends and family at the moment. I feel like there is always a group of people I can rely on for certain things. It might be for when I need to talk or it could just be as simple as someone to watch bad tv with but it works and I appreciate it.

Right enough of the soppyness or people might actually think I have a heart. I wish I was as pleased with my uni life as I am with my home life but I suppose you can’t have it all. I will just have to get my head down and drive on.