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Confessions of the Golf Club Bar Staff #2

This feature is just for laughs! We will aim to share some of the funnier stories from years gone by for your amusement. If you recognise the story and are one of the main protagonists, don’t worry we won’t name and shame!

The Round Dodger

round dodger

The scene: It’s a relatively busy summer evening when a golf party staying with us in the hotel come to the bar no doubt thirsty from their golfing endeavors.

The personable group of four gents approach the bar in good spirits informing me that I am unlikely to see much of the fifth member of their group through muffled laughter.

I didn’t think much of that comment until their order came in, four pints of lager and two bottles of non alcoholic lager poured into a pint glass.

Around 15-20 minutes later one of the group comes to the bar and orders the same round again. At this point my curiosity gets the better of me:

‘Who is on the non-alcoholic beer then?’ I asked tentatively.

‘Our mate, he never buys a round so we are teaching him a lesson and waiting to see how long it is before he catches on’. My customer responds with a wicked smile from ear to ear.

One by one all four order the same round of drinks, just as the customer had suggested, with no sign of the fifth member. This carried on well into the evening before I heard a roar of laughter from the next room.

Moments later a somewhat disgruntled gentleman came to bar and asked for a pint of lager and a whisky chaser.

As he returned to his scheming friends I hear one of them shout ‘Look, after all that he STILL hasn’t bought us a beer!’

Choose your friends carefully folks!

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