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The top ten things to do with your visit to Bells Hotel & Country Club this spring

This wonderful hotel and venue has so much to offer and is ideally placed just outside of the historic market town of Coleford in the Forest of Dean. Whether golf or bowls are your thing or you are just looking for somewhere idyllic to rest your head and recharge the batteries, this is the hotel and venue for you.


Visitors to the area are lucky to have fantastic walking and cycling trails with spectacular views. On top of this there are some wonderful pubs and eateries with family friendly beer gardens all within a 15 mile radius. For more details please visit

Check out some of the great things you and your friends and family could be doing below.

  1. What else but a round of golf on our beautiful parkland course? Many will choose to stay with us with golf included but for those more impulsive, clubs and golf can be hired at our golf shop. 20160720_135612
  2. There are a whole host of activities to keep the whole family entertained within the Forest of Dean but one of the most popular among those brave enough to take it on is a visit to ‘Go Ape’.go ape
  3. Why not take on one of our monster burgers? The clubhouse bar snack menu is full of food guaranteed to wet the appetite! chicken stacker
  4. A visit to Puzzlewood is a must when in the Forest of Dean. This place has had more filming attention from films like Star Wars: The Force Awakens and TV series like Merlin than most A list movie stars! puzzle.jpg
  5. Our brand new crazy footgolf course is a whole lot of fun! With obstacles like tyre walls and fences more at home at Cheltenham race course, this is footgolf with a twist!CRAZY FOOTGOLF POSTER (1)
  6. This is the perfect time of year to walk our incredible woodland and see the carpet of bluebells along the way.may-hill
  7. Clearwell Caves is another amazing destination sure to wow! These ancient caves have been amazing guests and visitors to the area for generations, go and see why!lake_underground
  8. If you are into your cycling then the Forest of Dean is one of the countries finest hidden gems. Whether its BMX, down hill or mountain biking there is something for everyone here! Head down to ‘peddle a bike away’ and let them take care of all your biking needs! Location2
  9. There are many fine eateries and pubs with spectacular vistas in the area. If you are planning a pub tour then keep Symonds Yat in your mind as the views are breathtaking! Symonds-yat
  10. One for the kids and rail enthusiasts here: Perrygrove Railway offers a genuine coal fired steam engine experience in beautiful surroundings.32900-perrygrove-railway-and-treetop-adventure-coleford-01

Too old for a kick-about?

Near the end of the Christmas break I was sat thinking about how I’ve spent previous holidays over the years. With the Premier League providing a footballing feast that could rival mum’s Christmas dinner there can be no doubt that football enthusiasts are provided with everything they could have wished for over the festive period.

As I sat in a local pub taking in the second half of Watford vs Man City through the reflection in well placed picture I couldn’t help but think that in years gone by, no matter what the weather was doing, I’d have been out with mates with a ball at my feet and the cliched jumpers for goalposts.

There are plenty of ways a man in his late twenties can get his footballing dose of exercise; there’s five-a-side and weekend teams a plenty but all of this means money and commitment. This begs the question: What happened to the days of being able to contact a few friends, stick some old rags on and kick a ball around in the nearest field or park? Is there a specific age where it is no longer acceptable to have a game of headers and volleys or Wembley with your pals?

I can remember vividly being given a France 98 Adidas replica football and taking it in turns with my friends, desperately trying to perfect the Roberto Carlos free kick technique as a kid. Would such an activity really be so childish and a waste of time nowadays? Ok so it isn’t the most productive use of anyones time but it’s cheaper than a gym membership or hiring a 3G pitch to play on for an hour.

There is of course the matter of adult responsibilities getting in the way but part of me is a bit gutted that at some point over the holidays I didn’t get my hands, and more importantly feet, on a ball and have a good kick about up the rec.

It amazes me that so much time is given up to the gogglebox and social media as we get older. Perhaps if I had spent more time kicking a ball about with mates rather than binging on the latest must watch TV series I wouldn’t have so many people asking me, in a not so subtle way, what my new years resolution is this time round.