Open fires and great expectations

It is that time of year again. My thoughts turn to cosy nights in with friends and family. Comfort food aplenty and that magical Irish stout elixir comes into its own. I should point out that whilst most people enjoy cider in the summer, early autumn produces the best fruit and shouldn’t be forgotten. This is club rugby time for me too. I don’t know why but I seem to become far more engrossed in the oval ball game this time of year and really look forward to taking in as many matches as possible.

Something crazy seems to happen around this season too. Despite the clocks going back last night the weekend seems to have been and gone in the blink of an eye. Maybe it is the light drawing in early or just a funny quirk of time but I feel like I was preparing myself for so much this weekend and now it has passed I can’t remember actually enjoying any of it.

This morning was definitely the highlight of my weekend. Spending time with the family including my nephew put me in a good mood for the rest of the day. I was an expectant sport fan this weekend. With both rugby and football providing what should have been some decent entertainment. Now all’s been said and done I can’t help feeling a little short changed. When it comes to sport and in spite of my own physical limitations, I am somewhat of an armchair perfectionist. I have always been the same and expect the highest standards from those at the top of their game. With that in mind I was seriously disappointed with the All Blacks, South Africa game. I am not used to seeing New Zealand give away so many penalties and the South African’s inability to create any moments of magic left me a little underwhelmed. Today Argentina made an average wallabies performance look good and the Manchester derby was the most expensive in history but lacked quality throughout the game, especially in the final third. Below is the sort of sporting entertainment I was looking for. Not that I’m greedy or anything..

There are always university assignments to keep me entertained and I have plenty to do in that respect. I am looking forward to getting the first bunch handed in and out of the way. It is amazing how clear my head becomes after submitting work. It is almost as if I can ready myself for the next challenge and look forward to what’s new. Whilst I am on that subject it might be an idea to get my head stuck into some. Ciao for now.


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