Political ramblings of an increasingly irritated and disillusioned voter.

By writing this post I am betraying myself. I always said I would keep this blog free of politics but I also said I would use it as a form of self therapy. Of late I have found myself more and more irate and depressed about the state of play in UK politics. I am acutely aware that when it comes to the welfare state the Conservative ideology of ‘scroungers’ has been swallowed whole by a huge number of people in this country and as a result the party has been able to drive home the point that their version of austerity which slashes funding to much needed services is a way of reducing national debt. I am not so naive that I believe no-one in this country exploits the welfare state. I am however aware of how little that contributes to UK national debt especially when compared with tax avoidance of the incredibly wealthy.

Tory austerity in it’s current form does two things: As I mentioned before it cuts vital services to those who need them most. Secondly it privatises debt for those ‘lucky’ enough to be able to gain it. Instead of the government putting money into the welfare state for things like the NHS or Working tax credits the individual who needs the support is expected to front the bill by applying for loans from those companies on tv with the infuriating adverts and unbelievably high rates of interest.

Some of you out there will read that and think ‘tough, the government can’t pay for everything’ and if that is your belief you are entitled to it. What happens however when you fall ill from no fault of your own and the services you desperately need have been cut? Not only that but you can’t get those tax credits anymore because you are not working. As a result you get a payday loan you can’t afford to pay back and rack up huge interest repayments. The chancellor can go to the press and media and claim he has made inroads into the deficit because he no longer has to help out people like you; the debt has been privatised. All that will be reported is the deficit reduction part.

Whilst they are at it the government think it is a good idea to reduce young doctors pay. Doctors are all super rich so who cares right? Who are they to moan? They only go through ten years of education and training to become GP’s (other specialisms can take up to 16 years) on low to no income relying on loans and when they start work they are offered £23,000. Seems like an awful lot of work for that much money if you ask me and I am extremely grateful that there are people out there willing to do it. If they continue to be treated in this way however they won’t be and some have already said they will work abroad which will eventually leave the country with a serious labour and skills shortage.

Finally this is not about trying to get people to vote one way or another, it is about trying to address some of the misleading arguments put forward by those currently in power. Not to worry though, our chancellor has just secured over £12 billion of investment from a country on the brink of recession.


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