Long absence and missed callings

In my quest to earn money over the summer months I have neglected this blog somewhat and this post is the start of me trying to get my writing back on track. Getting various aspects of my life on track seems to be a bit of a theme at the moment with many drifting off course. Sometimes I think that’s all life is; a constant journey where all roads lead to a similar place but the challenge is to take the most simple route. At times it is easy and the path from A to B is clear and obvious. At other times it seems to be more of a battle with several obstacles that need to be negotiated. These problems don’t have to be alarmingly large but the accumulation of lots of different issues can lead to a road block in an area of life. There is something to be said for the negotiation of these road blocks and the satisfaction getting back on the right path can give you. I apologise if all of the above sounds like a lot of waffle but like I said I am out of practice and small steps are needed right now.

Be it through work, family life or helping friends out I have come the conclusion that if I am good for nothing else I can set up a furniture removal company. Whilst I say this with an element of jest it does seem to be a part of my skill set that others find quite valuable. I made the decision a couple of days ago that if all else fails in life I should probably look into it!


At the back of my mind I have been thinking sporadically about what I would like to do for my final year project. I have an idea of where I’d like to go and have tentatively started making inroads into gaining contacts. My biggest fear for the idea is that, like most journalism, the idea is heavily reliant on getting the right contacts and enough of them. I think the rest of my week might well be spent trying to get a network set up and as much information I can use as possible.

On top of this I have spent time trying to get some more work experience. It hasn’t been an easy process which has led me to question my cover writing and CV writing skills. I do have some time lined up at a newspaper but would definitely like to spend some more time gaining practical skills. I think this is going to be another important item to add to the ‘to do’ list.

As well as the work I have been doing I have tried to make the most of my summer so far and have spent plenty of it with friends and family. It is good to have a strong set of people around you for advice and down time and in that respect I am very lucky.

Final thought, would you rather be chased by 1000 duck sized horses or ten horse sized ducks?


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