Inactive mind and writers block

Of late I have struggled with keeping my brain engaged and finding inspiration for writing. It’s not something I have ever struggled with before and it is painfully frustrating. I have started and scrapped a whole host of pieces on various subjects over the last few weeks. I just cannot seem to focus on anything to give it the attention to detail and finesse writing deserves. A lecturer told me very early on that if you don’t enjoy what you are writing then it most likely won’t be your best work and in all honesty I am struggling to find the love for any of my work lately. In the past I have been whole heartedly satisfied with the writing I have produced. It may sound big headed but if I have written something I am really happy with I love reading it. It gives me a huge amount of satisfaction to write something I like even if it doesn’t always get the audience I think it deserves.

In the past I always hated my work and before I came to university I could think of nothing worse than writing articles on any subject. Over the last few years I have learned to enjoy writing and I am hoping that penning my current frustrations will get me back to that stage. I have spells where I can write prolifically, waking up in the middle of the night with an idea I have to get out of my head and typed as soon as possible. At my worst (now) I am scratching around waiting for an idea to pop into my head or fall into my lap. I was asked by a friend to help out with something they have been asked to write for work yesterday and I couldn’t have been happier to have received the request. My relief was twofold; firstly I have the opportunity to write something where the idea has been mapped out for me and secondly it’s nice to be trusted with a project. It helps me realise that my work is appreciated by some and that I have the skills needed to help others.

My idleness has not helped to get creative juices flowing and I am currently spending a lot of time trying to think of ways to make myself more active in more ways than one. I am lucky enough to live in an area that provides a beautiful backdrop for walks. Everywhere you go where I live there is a view and at times it is very easy to take it for granted.

This weekend saw my mum throw a surprise barbeque for my dad who turned 60 last week. The day was a huge success with loads of family and family friends. It was nice to reminisce about water fights in the summer as kids and previous family outings and get togethers. I should throw a blanket thank you out to all those who helped out and turned up and made it such a wonderful day.

My brother seemed to enjoy himself a great deal and it gave him the opportunity to take some snaps with his new camera which I am sure he won’t mind if I share here.

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