Freedom and what comes next

Finally it is all over, I can stop complaining about university work and start thinking about the summer and what lies ahead. In all honesty I am still working out what that is. I have some work experience lined up and would like to get some more before the start of my final year. No doubt there will be some much needed paid graft for me over the summer months as well. Just as well really as my current physical state is more reminiscent of a whale than of a human male in their late twenties!

Horsing around.
Horsing around.

Thoughts now turn to filling the void left by the absence of uni work. I’m not complaining but it is a strange feeling to go from having little else to think about to a time of planning and forward thinking. Speaking of voids I will need to fill another as one of my favorite ever television series ‘Mad Men’ has come to an end. Many of my friends have asked me in the past what the show is about and my inability to articulate an appropriate response has led to not many of them giving it a go. All I will say is if you are looking for box set to watch and keep you entertained you could do a lot worse than AMC’s amazing show. The character development of some of those involved is incredible and keeps you hooked on every story line whilst others just exude ‘cool’. I won’t bleat on about it any longer but it paints the American dream in a frank and honest light and is worth the hours you will have to commit to it.

As I was saying before the freedom of completing my uni work is pretty liberating. I’m able to sit and write this post not because I feel I should but because I want to. On top of this I can make plans to do things I will never get around to due to monetary or time restrictions but it’s still fun to try and shape your summer and have something to look forward to. I have a ‘stag do’ (sic) to look forward to and more along the way. It seems amazing to me (and also some kind of sick joke) that in my time at university I seem to have been invited on more holidays and breaks that at any other time in my life. As if some unkindly being deems it necessary to torment me during my least stable financial period of life.

In another cruel twist of fate I have thus far been unable to find anyone to celebrate my newly found freedom with. As a result I extend an open invitation to anyone reading this to join me in a beverage of their choice. I wish everyone a happy summer and hope the sun graces us all with its presence. Until next time folks.


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