End of year stress

As I sit and write this post my mind is a flurry of worry and distraction. I have nearly completed all of my university assignments for the year and it feels like the closer I get to the end game the more stressed I feel. One particular assignment is troubling me as it requires the use of a piece of software I dislike greatly. At times my patience levels are tested and certain things make me more impatient than usual. One such thing is slow and clunky software. I don’t wish for this post to be a review but surely there has to be some easier way to edit audio than this!!

In all fairness the software may just be feeling the wrath of my impatience to get this year out of the way so I can start earning some money over the summer months. One thing I have struggled with more than anything else as a mature student is the lack of financial security whilst at university.

Outside of assignment work I was lucky enough to work for ITV on election night and produced some video content for their news outlets. The night itself was long and intense but I managed to make some good contacts and kept myself entertained by staying in touch with others at various other counts across Worcestershire, Herefordshire and the West Midlands. There was a lot of comparing biscuit and refreshment selection and moaning about poor WIFI connections.

Conservative Harriett Baldwin retained her seat in West Worcestershire and claimed more than 30,000 votes from her constituents. She was overcome with emotion when the result was announced and this meant I had to wait a little longer for my interview which was conveniently the minute long that ITV had specified in their brief.

When I returned home at 5am I couldn’t sleep and spent much of the morning watching the rest of the election results come in. It seems almost crazy to me that the choice of who runs the country comes down to a single day of voting once every five years. So much importance crammed into such a short time. I am aware of the various campaigns that take place on the lead up to the day but it still strikes me as impressive that the most important part of the process is the public turning up at various polling booths and marking a cross next to the candidate and party they wish to run their constituency.

I think it can be easy to take the democratic process this country enjoys for granted. When you watch the news you are taken all over the world to see people who are afforded no such luxury. Whatever the result of the election and your political persuasion at least we have the right to a vote in this county. The process may not be perfect but through hard work and campaign we have the opportunity to change it here in the UK, something others can only dream about.

I will return to Worcester tonight and make the finishing touches to my assignments. Fingers crossed I can get everything completed and handed in tomorrow. I am really looking forward to the weight of assignments being lifted from my shoulders. It does feel like the closer I get to the finish line the heavier the burden becomes. ‘Not long to go now’ is the message I keep telling myself and for once I’m right.


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