Celebrations and returning to normality

I have to start this post by once again apologising for my absence. I have had an extremely busy but fruitful couple of weeks, unfortunately I spent much of that time without Internet access.

I returned to uni  today after a weeks work experience at the Gloucestershire media group which is based in Cheltenham. I had an absolute blast there, met some fantastic people and feel more confident than ever that I have made the right decision to come to university.

As well as working on a couple of newspapers and their online editions, last week provided me with the opportunity to go and stay at a friends house. I have seen very little of this friend in recent times and I feel a little guilty that my first visit to his and his partners new place comes on the back of a favour.

Anyway having caught up in the usual fashion it turns out that not much has changed other than the location it takes place! I should use this blog as an opportunity to thank them both for their hospitality and the fact that they made what could have been a very stressful week completely stress free.

On my first day working in Cheltenham I couldn’t have been much more nervous. Thankfully the news desk made me feel very welcome and provided me with a platform to get my work published. I can honestly say it was one of the best experiences of my working life and the beginning of me realising my dream of becoming a journalist.

When I left on Friday I was a little gutted that it had all gone by so quickly and that I was returning to university which felt so incredibly normal and basic. The flip side of that is I have a big workload to get through before the end of year two which has sped by at an alarming rate.

I had no idea at the time but a story I worked on Thursday made the front page of the Gloucestershire Echo on Friday. The first I heard of it was when my mum text me to tell me. I must thank Aled Thomas at the Echo for getting my name on the front page something I could never have envisaged at the start of the week.


The whole experience taught me a great deal of new skills such as working with new software and the different writing styles for online publication and print. Of course these are things we have worked on at university but putting those skill into practice was a real eye opener and something I thoroughly enjoyed.

Friday was an incredibly busy day. On finishing work I couldn’t wait to go and share my experience with my friends and family. After a brief chat with my parents I went off to a wedding reception to pass on best wishes. I was only there briefly as the excitement of the week got the better of me and I felt exhausted. I must remember a special mention to a certain someone who expressly asked to feature in this post (although I’m not sure she will remember the conversation) and apologise for being unable to stay longer.

After a solid nights sleep I woke up feeling refreshed and invigorated. The afternoon was spent by the river with friends at a gem of a pub with so much selection I was blown away. A lot of fun was had by all which continued when we got back to our ‘local’. It was a great way to spend the Saturday after what had been such a brilliant week.

Sunday saw me reminiscing about several things including a phone call I received just a couple of weeks before I returned from my time away in Australia. The call in question was from my best friend to tell me his partner had given birth to a little boy. I was pleased as punch and can’t believe I spent Sunday afternoon at his fourth birthday party. As you get older you realise how quickly time flies by and to appreciate the people in your life. What a week? I am unlikely to top it any time soon!


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