A blaze of easter sunshine

I have been somewhat neglectful of this diary of late and for that I can only apologise. As I type this I am at a friends house taking advantage of the Internet. There is none at home at the moment and that makes a lot of things fairly difficult.

It still amazes me that I have become completely reliant on the world wide web. Having not checked my various email accounts for a few days I am procrastinating a touch because the thought of opening them is filling me with dread.

Truth be told I have had a good few days doing very little work and need to get back into the swing of things quickly. I have a very busy period coming up between now and the end of the uni year with loads to cram in.

There are a plenty of reasons as to why I haven’t done too much. Obviously the lack of Internet hasn’t helped but the amazing and glorious sunshine has had me on the move.  When you get into a routine of doing a set amount of work every day there is an overwhelming sense of guilt that takes over when you don’t for a few days.

With my parents returning from Cyprus over the easter weekend I have had a really pleasant few days catching up with them and spending time with my nephew and brother and sister.

Sorry to keep it so brief this time but I need to crack on with some work! In the time honored tradition of new media ‘there will be more to follow shortly’.


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