Fruits of my labour and a feel good factor

Last week was busy, hard work and on top of that an awful lot of fun. It seemed like every day was packed full of things to do, deadlines to meet and accomplishments to achieve. I am glad to say that it feels like it was all worth it.

After covering the hustings for the election I felt I had made good progress with regards to getting content for news stories.  I used a couple for a live newsday assessment on Thursday that was fairly stressful but I think it went really well.

Everyone contributed and in my role as radio news editor I found it difficult to choose between stories, which can only be a compliment to the group I worked with. Everyone worked hard and produced good stories for both radio bulletins and online publication. I had a real buzz after it was over on Thursday and can see how being part of a news team and newsroom must be seriously addictive. I was especially pleased about the number of stories where the group had obtained exclusive content. We spoke to charities, the mayor, companies, sports coaches, chairmen and politicians directly and gave all of the stories a good angle.

I felt as though a huge weight had been lifted after it was all over but the workload hasn’t eased up as our final assignments in all modules are due in the next few weeks. It sounds almost crazy to say it but I am looking forward to getting the interviews and doing the work for them as most of the tasks that have been set are interesting and cover subjects I am enthusiastic about.

On top of all of this I have just received good news, feedback and a great grade for an assignment I was concerned about. Without sounding too arrogant it is always nice to get good feedback about the work you have produced and it is important to recognise where you can improve. When I write something I generally want it to be the best version of what I am capable of producing. This often drives me when working on any project and at times it can even get in the way as I am guilty of overthinking and over editing my work.

After stating last week that I would not be indulging myself in any extracurricular activities, the weekend sport made sure I was unable to fulfill my promise. Not only did I take time off to watch the rugby and football on offer, I gorged on it. I was completely consumed by sport this weekend watching all of the six nation and nearly all of Sundays football, Including Match of the day!

One particular result left me in a state of complete satisfaction. I have mentioned before about my trips to Old Trafford and so it is fairly obvious which game I a referring to! I explained to my housemate that I look forward to this fixture all year around only to dread it in the hours leading up to kick off, feel physically sick whilst watching it and then exhausted, upset/delighted as soon as it is over. It really can and does define my week. I have been walking around today on cloud nine with a subconscious puff of the chest a la Cantona.

Anyway enough ego massaging and gloating for one day I have work to do and that is sure to bring me back down to earth with a bump. Enjoy your week people. Who said Mondays suck?


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