Sunshine and high hopes

It is nice to start this post with some real positivity and I owe much of the good feeling to a strategic attack on my workload. I had a really pleasant, relaxing and productive weekend which was a mix of catching up with someone I haven’t seen for ages, chilling with folk I spend lots of time with and getting some uni work done.

Key to my mood is a routine of early starts that have made lots of things improve. Firstly I seem to be far more productive when I have had a good nights sleep followed by an early start. As a result of this my mood is heightened and this triggers a positive cycle and one I am happy to be reaping the benefits of.

I hadn’t planned on returning to the Forest on the weekend but my mum asked me to check in on a few things for her and I am always happy to go and see my friends at home. The weather on Saturday was nothing short of glorious for early March and that morning I was determined to get some work done so I could take in some much needed vitamin D.

It was decided that we would do a tour of well known sun traps in the local area and get some fresh air. Our tour took us to Ross on Wye and from there to Aylburton with a few pit stops along the way. It was great to get a few hours of sunshine with the only downside being unable to take in as much FA cup football as I would have liked. Drybrook were away and so there was no rugby we were likely to watch locally but I must admit I would have liked to have seen a cup match between two of the areas football teams. I have talked at length before about my passion for local and live sports and it is a fire that no matter how hard I try, I can’t put out.

With cup exploits in mind I must admit I am struggling to write this post without being distracted by various websites and publications. Whilst I love the romance of the FA cup I also revel in the chance to watch the big boys take each other on in the latter stages of the competition. There is a rich and great history in tonights fixture between two of England’s best sides in the competition. In my lifetime alone there have been some truly spectacular ties between Manchester United and Arsenal. I hope the fixture tonight can live up to that billing and provide fans of the cup with the spectacle this competition deserves.

My thoughts outside of football are torn between assignments and trying to secure work placements. Life would be boring if there weren’t a few things to worry about along the way.  I have some avenues to explore and try and get myself a foot in the door. Fingers crossed I will secure something sooner rather than later.

With an empty fridge a trip to the supermarket might be just the way to kill time before kick off. A restock is long overdue!


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