A wonderful childhood with fantastic memories

Today marks ten years since a very good friend passed away. To mark the occasion my friends and I got together on Saturday at his football club and celebrated his life. We shared fantastic memories with each other and his family and the night was an awesome reflection on Peter’s life.

If I am completely honest the build up to the event had me feeling a strange sense of nervousness and my stomach was full of butterflies all day. I have an uncanny knack of piling a ton of unneeded and often imaginary pressure on big social events only to relax as soon as I get there and have a wonderful time. I think the impact and realisation that ten years had passed got the better of me on the day and as I walked in through the doors I was a nervous wreck.

The second I saw Pete’s mum and dad I realised how stupid I had been. Here I am worrying about a series of ‘what ifs?’ and there they are proud as punch that we can still come together and raise a glass to our good friend.

It has been a good while since I sat down with that many of the boys and had a good drink and chat with them. I love the fact that as soon as we come together everything else goes away and we still laugh at the same stupid things and waste hours talking about football. Then there are the girls. I have to say I am part of a really tight community, a community that infuriates me at times but at times like this I am proud of. The girls are always there, no matter what. I have always found them to be a sturdy crutch to lean on, seeing them together and catching up this weekend brought a smile to my face.

As the room began to slowly empty Peter’s dad came over and offered the few of us that remained a drink. The sly old fox that he is lead me and others to believe that we would be partaking in a Southern Comfort and lemonade. As it happens we had a good slug of Southern Comfort and Southern Comfort! Either way it was a nice way to toast Pete and I’m sure he would have approved.

The night then got a little messy as I was talked into continuing the festivities elsewhere. I should have known better but it’s all fun and games I suppose. I spent most of yesterday feeling sorry for myself and delaying the one errand that I needed to do which was to pick up my bank card that I left at the pub!

As the evening came to an end I felt thankful for the childhood I had and the people in my life. When I walked in through the door something happened to me that hasn’t happened in a great number of years. I collapsed onto the sofa and began to sob uncontrollably. I don’t know where it came from as the night had been one full of laughs. My guess is that a cocktail of alcohol, reflection and guilt for my nerves got the better of me. Whatever the reason a flood of tears left me and I felt exhausted and refreshed at the same time for the experience.

I should probably throw out a blanket apology to anyone who saw me post 11pm Saturday night as I was particularly well oiled at this point and probably a bit of a nuisance! Something about my drinking partner at this time brings out a strong sense of mischief in me and I can only imagine we were funny for a time before becoming an irritation!


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