Economics and nightmares

I must profess that I know very little about finance and economics and for a long time I did consider leaving this post as one of my nightly debates I have with myself when all too often I cannot get to sleep.

One thing I do know however is that Germany managed to centre itself as the capital of a European empire just in time for the world banking crisis to first damage and then cripple the eurozone.

Whilst the world is distracted with what will become of Greece and the loony leftists that seek to shave off large amounts of the country’s debt, Britain watches on from the sidelines. This happening while Angela Merkel (let’s face it ultimately it will be her who) decides what happens next.Make no mistake whatever decisions are made there will be serious economic ramifications for this country.

When you add poor relations with an angry Russia, who is involved in a conflict with the Ukraine, it doesn’t make for rosey reading of world news.  Let us not forget that we have imposed hard hitting sanctions on the country and are unlikely to make Putin’s Christmas card list for the foreseeable future.

On top of all this madness there is a new, large and highly mobilised terror group tearing apart an already fragile and dysfunctional middle east. ISIS have managed a successful propaganda campaign that the western media seem only to happy to indulge. We are constantly hearing about Jihadi John who sounds more like a childrens cartoon character than the leader of an evil terror group. They have even successfully managed to kill quite a lot of white people and that really caught peoples attention, including my own.

A little closer to home and we have newspapers who are governed by their sponsors and political parties funded by them. Both the Labour party and Conservatives have accepted donations from HSBC, the world’s most helpful bank if you are rich and don’t wish to pay tax. I am not naive enough to think that this only applies to them but they are the ones in the public eye at the moment and are an easy cheap shot on my part.

Then we come to those who are in charge of leading us out of this unholy mess. Those who have been democratically elected and those who are old and sit on red seats making up legislation that will benefit few people including themselves.

Our very own chancellor of the exchequer has been wiping egg from his face recently after archive footage shows him giving advice to a viewer on how to avoid paying tax on a political magazine show. It must be pointed out that this was some time ago and long before he was in his current office. Makes you wonder just how he got there and who voted for him, a discussion for another day me thinks.

You can now sort of understand why Russell Brand is so upset about all this politics stuff. I am too. Is it too much to say we are walking blindfolded into world war 3.0 ‘this time there are nukes’?

Meanwhile in America Obama takes the time to show us his human side in an unsettling buzzfeed video. Talk about political letdowns. I can remember being genuinely excited when he first took office. I can’t really comment on what he has done for America as I don’t live there but would it really have been too much to ask for Barry to sort out some of the problems outside of ‘the most powerful nation on earth’? After all we in Britain have been suffering as a consequence of America’s foreign policy ever since world war 2.0 ‘this time russia was a mistake’. The ‘special’ relationship has hit the rocks however with Obama stating he would rather play with Merkel when forced to cross the pond nowadays.

So what do we do about it? On the one hand you can take Russell’s advice and protest about a wholly unjust political system that doesn’t represent anyone but a few influential fat cats. On the other hand if you don’t then you are most likely going to get picked on by the political elite. I mean let’s face it, if you’re not going to vote then you are kind of an easy target.

Anyway this has kept me up long enough. Time to lay here safe in the knowledge that I will be paying back my student loan till the day I die unless if by some miracle I manage to win the governments hidden tax that is the lottery.


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