Alternative lessons and overreactions

I have decided in the last few days to take a step back. I have always been a bit of a people watcher. Makes me sound like a crazy stalker I know but I must admit I can often be found staring into space and taking in my surroundings. At the moment I need to focus on my reactions to things rather than everyone elses.

Last night I lay in bed struggling for sleep for a long time and I started to over think. This is one of my biggest faults at times, I am really good at giving myself a hard time and making what is a relatively simple task to overcome a whole new outlook whereby I am doomed to fail.

I mentioned before that I needed to start a ‘to do’ list and having made a dent in it I have realised that I can over complicate things at times and cause myself stress that isn’t necessarily there. I am going to blame my dad for this particular fault as I am almost certain it is one of the many traits we share.

I am still all over the place with sleep and so I’ve decided to set an ‘early’ alarm for the mornings this week in the hope that some sort of settled routine will eventually make a difference.  Having to get up early for work everyday in the summer seemed to have a positive effect and I am hoping for similar results.

Yesterday was another reminder of how much I enjoy Sundays. It is nice to sit somewhere with a relaxed atmosphere and catch up with friends and chat about how our weeks have gone. I am lucky in a lot of ways as my friends and I share a similar sense of humour and when conversation gets to a stage threatening to be too serious there is generally someone there to lighten the mood. Always important to do so on a Sunday I feel before the weekly grind restarts.

I will use this as an opportunity to plug a friends business and more to the point, pub. Sundays seem to provide a theme of catching up with old friends and although it was only a brief conversation it was good to catch up with my friend and chef at the Butchers Arms in Clearwell. Food was spot on and we were treated really well by the staff.

Last Sunday saw me pay a visit to another old friend. This time for a proper catch up. As we talked babies, work and laughed at each other with some pretty awful football on the tele in the background, I realised how easy it is to slip out of peoples lives. On the flip side to that it was great that despite not socialising for such a long time, we were able to chat away straight away like it had only been a day or two since we had last hung out.

Going back to reflecting on myself I have come to conclusion that despite all of my protestations, I can be, at times all too easily influenced. Sometimes by other people and other times by what is going on around me. I don’t want to dwell on this too much but it is worth reminding myself every now and again, especially when taking part in large social gatherings.

Speaking of which I am looking forward to catching up with lots of people at the end of the month for more reminiscing, laughs and storytelling. The results of which I will no doubt transcribe on here soon.


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