Inevitable outcomes

Given the content of my last post it was always reasonable to assume that ,within the new semester at uni, I was always going to enjoy the sports journalism module.

I spoke previously about how certain actions and events can encourage and inflate my sense of interest in a subject and that was the case again this evening. Just as the six nations heightens my interest in rugby, the content and lecturer really enhanced my experience this evening. This is not the first time a lecturer has sparked and captured my imagination but for nearly nine grand a year I don’t think it is too much to ask for!

A guest speaker was involved and we were invited to ask him questions about his work as sports journalist and how he procures his stories. This might seem mind numbingly boring to some but for me it was a pleasure to listen, make notes on and ask questions. Handy really as the first assignment for this module will be an essay based on much of what we covered today.

I really like hands on lectures and seminars but what I enjoy most is being able to pick the brains of those already in the industry and seek advice. I think it is important to leave your mark when a guest speaker gives up their time. I always try and make a positive impression so they remember me. Having contacts in the field can only help when seeking employment and work experience.

Outside of uni I am bored of sleepy old Worcester. I don’t dislike living here, it’s pretty and the people are friendly enough but I can’t help but feel like I’m missing something. An analogy that I use for a lot of things that make me feel this way is to describe something as ‘diet coke’. It’s not offensive in any way and does an alright job but it’s missing something and leaves you feeling like you might as well find the real deal. I’m sure my financial situation doesn’t help matters and I am aware that I have not made all that huge an effort to make the most of my surroundings here.

It is definitely getting to that time of year where my concentration will have to be focused mainly on my assignment workload. I need to attack the essays and copy for my own piece of mind. Time for personal entertainment and social activities to be put on the backburner.

It has gotten to a stage where I need to start making a to do list and make some headway with putting ticks next to tasks. Whenever I do this it does somehow manage to give me the motivation to move on to what needs to be done and as one task gets completed the next seems easier to tackle.

Part of any new focus needs to address my health. I haven’t felt all that great for some time now and the lethargy is becoming irritating. I have never felt so tired for such long periods before and I refuse to believe it is age related!  Some healthy living and exercise will do me the world of good.

I think whilst I have this spark of inspiration from my lecture I will leave this post where it is and attack some uni work. Tomorrow is another day and my motivation will be all the more easy to kickstart if I have made some progress this evening.

Good night all.


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