Anxious waits and mixed memories

As I sit and write this post a friend thousands of miles away in Africa starts a trial that could have serious implications not only for him but for his family.

I have done what little I could to help by writing to his employers and now all I can do is wait to see what happens. As a result of learning about the law with regards to trials via the law and ethics module I take at uni I am somewhat hamstrung by what I can and cannot write about with regards to this matter.

A year ago I would have steam rollered my way into a full blown defence of  my friend, unaware of the implications. In all honesty it is very difficult for me not to do so, especially as the law may differ in South Africa. The sensible side of my conscience keeps whispering things like ‘strict liability rule’ and ‘qualified privilege’ in my ear and as I am not actually at the trail it would be wrong for me to imply I knew what was going on and/or to write a defence of my friend in any great detail on here. Not that my online presence is so great that this blog could actually influence anyone.

I am obviously anxious about what is going to happen as I would not normally witter on about these sort of things!

As my thoughts are generally filled with what is going on in South Africa I can’t help but reminisce about the time I spent there. I have been extremely fortunate with my trips to the Kruger national park. As a result of blind luck and exceptional work from a certain staff member I have seen leopard, lion, cheetah and a whole host of other animals in their natural habitat. There is something primeval about not being on top of the food chain and being a guest in something elses domain. I have had happy times elsewhere in South Africa but nothing compares to my time at the park.

There was no rugby to watch this weekend and so my toes remain safe for another week. This weekend was still dominated by sport though and the armchair fan in me enjoyed it very much.

The FA cup is shrouded in mystique and nostalgia. We are endlessly told by commentators that the cup is not what it used to be but you can’t discount the ‘magic of the cup’. This has never been more prevalent than in this years competition where lowly sides such as Blyth Spartans, Gateshead and my surrogate local team Worcester City have given some of the full time pros such a run for their money. This weekend however will probably go down in history for some pretty incredible examples of giant killing. Ok so the amateurs are out but the football league was given some pretty amazing PR via clubs like Bradford and Boro.

This was the weekend that the little sides in the country did their best David and Goliath impression. The lowest ranked side Cambridge achieved what would normally be the shock of the season in taking Manchester United, arguably the most famous club in the land, back to Old Trafford for a replay.

The last time I wrote I was contemplating breaking my vow of alcohol abstinence and it would be dishonest of me to avoid the subject this time around. I drank not excessively by my standards but I did drink on that thoroughly entertaining night in Marrs bar. The music was spot on as usual and a good night was had by all.

I have since thought it important to try and plan activities without alcohol and I am making an effort to do things that don’t require a pint in hand. As for smoking I haven’t done so for a good few days now and seem to have gotten over my wobble.

Time now for me to get on with some uni work. Until next time people.


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