New friends and exam stress

After spending much of the first half of last week talking to contacts for stories and assignments and most of the second half revising for an exam a phone call from a friend came as a welcome relief.

An unplanned trip to Gloucester with my friends work colleague and many of his friends turned out to be one of those fantastic spur of the moment nights out that often trump anything you can plan or organize in advance.

On arrival at my new friends house we were greeted with what can only be described as amazing Italian hospitality.  He and his Polish girlfriend had put on an amazing feast of pasta, pizza, Italian cured meats and salads. To go along with the fantastic Italian cuisine there were some superb Polish flavoured vodkas to wash it all down with.

Needless to say after several drinking games some singing and general misbehaving all were merry and bright. The Italian contingent tried to teach us some funny songs and in return I shared a song all about the wonderful vegetable celery. The less shared about this experience the better me thinks!

We headed to the docks and found ourselves drinking cocktails in TGI Fridays. After a particularly large Long Island ice tea my memory starts to get a little fuzzy but I do remember moving on to Chimichangas and drinking the agave poison that is Tequila. I mean no offence to anyone who loves the Mexican staple drink but it does not agree with me and how I held down so much of it is one of life’s great mysteries.

The rest of the night is too blurry to recall so I won’t bore you with the lack of details. I will say that I had a truly epic night that I enjoyed thoroughly and paid for severely on Saturday.

Saturday was a right off. Very little of anything other than moaning and feeling sorry  for myself happened. It has come to my attention in recent times that alcohol now takes an unmitigated and incomprehensible amount of time to get over. In short my hangovers are approaching the three day mark. My advice to anyone below the age of 25 is as follows: Find a cure for hangovers (one that really works!), Find a way to slow down or stop the ageing process or just stop drinking in excess at that point. Trust me the hangovers just keep getting worse no matter what you do try and prevent them. Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying to you.

In other news I have still got nowhere with regards to Christmas presents and I really must do something to change that. I have a meal with my grandparents on the weekend and I need to take something with me then as I won’t see them at Christmas itself.

I had my first educational exam in a decade today. It was on law and ethics in journalism and it preoccupied most of my sleep or lack of it last night. I feel like it went pretty well so fingers crossed the mark will reflect that. I crammed some decent revision in over the last few weeks and it definitely helped.

The stress last night was almost overwhelming and yet strangely familiar. I haven’t felt so nervous about something in quite some time. The nerves came all of a sudden yesterday and all at once in a big panic ridden hit. I am not sure whether or not I should be grateful it happened that way but there was certainly some nervous energy carried over into this morning that helped me get over the lack of sleep.

On the home front my poor sister is most unwell and I hope a get well message in this post will help to put a smile on her face. Even though I have been teasing her all day about infecting me with whichever virus it is that currently plagues her!

The works Christmas party is in a couple of weeks and it will be good to get together with the lads outside of work and let our hair down. Speaking of hair I am very much in need of a hair cut. A mini fro is starting to appear on top of my head and that last time that happened it didn’t stay mini for very long. Time to chop this one off before it gets out of hand.


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