Old friends and ski trips

In the lead up to the weekend I felt somewhat preoccupied and I couldn’t really put my finger on why? As the week went on I seemed to relax and having worked on and handed in a few assignment for uni I am starting to feel better about the academic side of my life as well as the social stuff.

Last week would have been the birthday of a great friend who tragically passed away nearly ten years ago.  To mark the occasion a few of us got together for a drink in the local pub. It was almost strange to see so many familiar faces from the past and at first I will admit I was a little daunted by the occasion. It seems so strange to be nervous about seeing people you spent so much of your young life around. Having grown up in a small, tight knit community, you develop close relationships with people and our school year was particularly close. I felt a weird sense of guilt when first talking to some of these old friends. I was apprehensive and that is fairly out of character for me. What if I didn’t know what to say or ask? Needless to say I shouldn’t have worried. After a natter and catch up I was immediately taken back to the bad old days of school and everything that went with it. Some memories remind you of how lucky you are to have gotten away with the stuff you can only do/get away with as a teenager!

I still find it incredible that when you talk with some people the feelings and memories of school come flooding back. Some people have changed very little and others a great deal. Despite this the night served as a wake up call and showed me how much everyone has grown up and how much our lives have changed.

Our old maths teacher deserves more than an honorable mention for changing his plans to come and see us and share memories and photos from the past. He was one of the teachers who came with us on the school ski trips and had some brilliant tales and pictures to embarrass us all with. Everyone was really pleased to see him and thankful that he came. In many ways his being there made the night for some people. There was talk of planning a future ski trip but logistically and financially it would be very difficult to arrange.

As the night wore on I could picture the past fondly and as I wasn’t drinking I said my goodbyes and left feeling much better than when I had arrived. It was the right time to go as everyone was getting merrier and merrier whilst I was running out of amusing anecdotes of our time at school. As when we were in school, there was a clear separation of friendship groups and at times I found it difficult to get around everyone to catch up. Not that it seemed to bother the singing crowd of girls who at this point had enjoyed a few shots!

Life in Worcester has been dominated by uni assignments and when I wrote down my to do list yesterday and realised how much work I have to do in the upcoming weeks, a fairly strong sense of panic set in! When I break it down into individual assignments and prioritise the work it doesn’t seem as bad or at least that’s what I’m telling myself. Having done better than expected in a mock exam yesterday I was feeling as though some of the weight was lifting. After the second lecture of the day the positivity levels had risen to a state of inspiration and having spotted a potential news story I lept into action and got myself an interview. I’m not sure what is more gratifying; writing a story and being pleased with the result or sourcing the story in the first place.

I have enjoyed putting the world to rights with L today. There is nothing quite like having a moan with a mate to make you feel better about things. Especially when it’s cold outside and you’ve got a warm brew in your hands!

I know it is only the 2nd of December but thoughts have now turned to the Christmas holiday and what I will be getting up to between now and then. Whilst I don’t mind the festive period it does always seem to come and go in a flash of overspending and over doing it in general. As I read on a friends Facebook status recently: “It will soon be Easter.”


2 thoughts on “Old friends and ski trips”

  1. There’s nothing like chatting with old friends about old times – even if you haven’t spoken in years, you share so many memories together!

    I know what you mean about deadlines coming up – I’ve just realised the amount of work I’ve got to do (and instead of doing it I wrote a blog post about managing deadlines – which is productive? haha). Best of luck with them though – Christmas soon!


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