Parties and bad news

Having waited for what felt like forever for my mates 30th to come around it has been and gone in a flash. This feeling of life passing me by kind of sums up the month of November for me.

The party on Saturday was good fun with drinking games, sport on the telly and beer in our bellies! Of course it wouldn’t be an alcohol fueled party without a little drama and I personally had to put out a few fires but nothing I couldn’t handle.  The American classic drinking game beer pong provided plenty of entertainment and the photos from that particular event are fairly amusing to study.

There was a band too called “Gasoline” and I really enjoyed listening to them play and singing along badly to the covers they played! I do get an over inflated opinion of my voice when I have had a drink which can lead to some embarrassing flashbacks. These are made all the worse by the use of modern technology recording these cringey moments!


As a result of poor health and too much smoking on the weekend I have developed a cough that is keeping me up at night and has brought about a painful headache. On the plus side I have barely smoked in the last four days and might use this as the catalyst to give up the dirty, expensive habit.


In the week leading up to the party I spent my time divided between paid work and work for uni. I must admit with various distractions my university studies have become a bit a chore at times recently and the opportunity to go and paid whilst working with a close friend did come as a welcome relief and respite.  Having said that after the aches and strains that come with hedge and tree cutting and then shifting a pile of rubble I was grateful the job is only part time!  It seems a strange thing to say but driving around from job to job in the van provides a real sense of comfort and familiarity nowadays.

My diet has been pretty appalling in the last couple of weeks and that is something I am determined to change especially as Christmas looms large on the horizon. With that in mind I purchased a box of fresh veg earlier today and will be basing my meal options for the next few days around said box.

My thoughts over the last week have largely been taken up by some bad news given to me whilst working with my friend. For legal reasons I am not really sure what I can and cannot say on this blog so apologies if this all seems a little ambiguous. Long story short someone who means a lot to me is in a lot of trouble for something he didn’t do and as a result he and his family have been left in a pretty desperate and vulnerable position. There is very little I or anyone else can do to help and that feeling of powerlessness is hanging over me and like a stubborn wet sleeve it’s hard to shake off.

November has always been a pretty strange month for me over the last ten years as it brings up the birthday of a close friend who sadly passed away. Whilst it is always nice to reminisce and talk with friends it does always seem to make my mood somewhat melancholy. One thing is for sure it deeply impacted my life and the way I think about things. Tragedy has a funny way of making you realise what you have got and I am grateful now more than ever for my friends and family.

Speaking of which I am really enjoying the dynamic and setup with both friends and family at the moment. I feel like there is always a group of people I can rely on for certain things. It might be for when I need to talk or it could just be as simple as someone to watch bad tv with but it works and I appreciate it.

Right enough of the soppyness or people might actually think I have a heart. I wish I was as pleased with my uni life as I am with my home life but I suppose you can’t have it all. I will just have to get my head down and drive on.


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