Scaremongering and belly laughs

Today like most of the last week has a damp, flat feel to it. The almost matte grey skyline is incredibly uninspiring and has dried up most of my enthusiasm for the mountain of work I need to tackle.

Having spoke to my lecturer last week about the fears and worries I had been stressing about I now feel much better about things. Sometimes getting things off your chest is all you need. It’s also nice to be reassured about your work and contributions to lectures and I think once this first spate of assignments is done I will be happier about the work I am producing.

My time in truth, hasn’t all been spent diligently working on assignments and other university work. There has been plenty of socialising and there would probably have been more if it wasn’t for a recent case of man flu. The only disappointing aspect to my weekend was having to turn down a free ticket to watch Gloucester vs Quins on Friday. If I had been feeling better I would have snapped it up but I just couldn’t bare the thought of the cold at the time. As it happens I spent a lot of my extremely random Friday evening outside and it turns out I probably would have been ok at the rugby.

Having met up with friends it was decided that we would spend our evening exploring the darkest parts of the Forest of Dean. This exercise came as a result of a lot of horror movie watching in recent weeks and was as immature and hilarious as I had hoped for. At first we approached the task with little enthusiasm and after around an hour we decided we might be more inclined to take it seriously on a full stomach. So after a trip to Chepstow and a belly full of pasta/ pizza we set out once again to scare ourselves witless. We ended up in a few locations and argued about whether or not it was dark enough before setting out on a walk through a particularly eerie area. There was ghost story telling and sound effects throughout and a good giggle was had by all. I can’t explain the reason behind such immature behaviour but I can say it was seriously good fun. It’s important to get a balance between being serious and letting your hair down. If you take life too seriously it can get on top of you and weigh you down.

On Saturday I did get to watch some rugby in the shape of a league match at Drybrook. Having not been since pre season it was nice to get back to the Mannings and watch a game. The result wasn’t what I had hoped for but it wasn’t a fruitless task as I made contact with the chairman about an assignment I’ve got coming up. There is always a sense of admiration that comes from watching rugby. Watching 30 fully committed men throw themselves into the game in what can sometimes be atrocious weather conditions is laudable to say the least. There is something that draws me to team sport that I can’t explain. Whilst I can see the talent in professional golf it is only when the Ryder cup comes around that I get truly excited about it. I can only assume that team sport gives you the opportunity to be part of something and that is what I get out of it.

The rest of the weekend was spent relaxing with friends watching films and bad tv. It’s nice to laugh at the hungover people from time to time when you have been sensible enough to stay in for once! My focus now has turned to making a serious dent in my uni work. If this blog has been useful for anything at all it has helped me get into the habit of writing relatively frequently. It seems to be a good kickstarter to my week. On that note it is probably time to stop with all the procrastination and get on and actually do some work. These assignments aren’t going to write themselves!


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