Coach rides and Whisky

As I sit and write this post I am on day three of suffering the ill effects of a random, spontaneous and excessive Friday session. This was a session that involved a lot of Stowford Press and far too much whisky in one hit. Whilst I enjoyed the evening, drinking and singing the night away with friends (a scandalous video has brought the singing to my attention) I really could have done with taking it easy as Friday had a detrimental effect on the rest of my weekend.

As I rose on Saturday morning the anticipation of game day and a trip to Old Trafford managed to stave off the impending hangover for a while and after a small amount of confusion a good friend and I were aboard the coach and en route to the theatre of dreams.   There are very few people I feel I can talk to like the friend in question. We argue like cat and dog at times but when I need a kick up the arse or an arm round the shoulder he is my go to guy. Like all good friends we share a lot of common interests but we don’t agree on everything. I feel it is important to have a different point of view pointed out to you on a personal level from time to time. After discussing and debating our way to Manchester we wandered around the ground well before kick off still chatting. We stopped for something to eat which always seems to be far more stressful than necessary with a hangover. Even the lady in the cafe grinned at me and said “relax sweetheart, it’s matchday!” as she handed me my change. Not long after this I noticed Lou Macari walking along side us and had I not been feeling a little under the weather I might have approached him for a signature or photo. It is still niggling at me now but the moment has long since passed and it seems pointless to dwell on it.

The match itself was a little frustrating although United secured the three points I had came to see them collect. There was a lot of possession lost in the final third and the introduction of the match winner Juan Mata was badly needed. Some players seem to glide across the pitch and ooze composure. Mata is one such player and impressed me greatly on this the first time I had seen him play live.

The journey home was interesting to say the least as the coach driver seemed determined to keep all of his passengers on our toes! He cut up around seven cars, went through two red lights and at one point we found ourselves in the right hand lane on the motorway! When we finally got back safe around 9pm I went to my sister’s house to share the experience with her and a friend.

As I tried to take my mind of the reckless driving on the way home I took advantage of the 4G that is never available where I live. I scanned Twitter and Facebook and came to the realisation that some people are very different in their online world and real world. So many people seem to have very strong and differing opinions on subject matters that I have never heard them discuss in day to day life. On Facebook it seems, there is always a keyboard shield that helps people discuss things that they don’t feel confident enough to articulate in conversation. I am still unsure as to how I feel about social media having spent a lot of time weighing up the pros and cons. It does however seem to be the main icebreaker in conversation nowadays and nothing is sacred. Before social media the Forest of Dean where I have grown up and lived for the best part of my life could be described as a hive of gossip. Facebook and other sites have only inflated the rumour mill. It feels like every other chat or conversation is started with the words “did you see what so and so put on Facebook?” Now this could be in reference to juicy gossip, an innocent joke or just pictures from a night but it does seem to be integral to what people discuss nowadays.


I have a tutorial tomorrow which I set up off my own back. I feel as though this year at uni is passing me by and I am not getting into top gear as far as my work is concerned. I am not behind in any modules but I just don’t feel the work I am producing is at the level I should be happy with. Nothing worse than just churning work out. When I write something I like to be proud of what I am producing and this hasn’t been the case enough of the time this year.


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