Conflict and Excitement

As I took the lonely journey back to Worcester last night I came to the conclusion that Sundays are quickly becoming my favourite day. There was nothing particularly special about this Sunday that made me feel this way, just the time to mull it over on a quiet drive home.

The M50 doesn’t offer much in the way off a pleasant drive at the best of times but it is particularly laborious at night when a lack of any light gives the impression of tunnel vision. I had really enjoyed hanging out with some close friends this Sunday and the last minute decision to go the cinema had meant extending the fun a little further than originally planned. I always find myself torn on a Sunday. Whilst I am keen to start the new week back in Worcester I can’t help feeling a little sad at the prospect of the weekends finish. As I listened to Annie Mac and the songs she seemed to have hand picked for my drive home I decided that I need to embrace having the best of both worlds.

It was a pretty quiet weekend by my standards and the closest I got to any excess was a couple of glasses of red on Saturday night whilst struggling to watch a mediocre film that I have already forgotten the name of.  I have cut back on the cigarettes which should help both my health and bank balance. Smoking really is an expensive habit nowadays.

Today was the first day I truly felt like autumn had arrived. As I walked into Worcester I could feel the last straps of warm weather fighting with the winter chill. As a result there was some brilliant sunshine tempered by a cold wind and they seemed to battle with each other for most of the day before the sun finally gave in and set.

The days learning experience was pretty unusual. We arrived at crown court this morning and were given the chance to listen to a judge and his views on a variety of issues before being given the opportunity to ask questions. As you can imagine the judge was a fantastic orator and wouldn’t have been out of place at any public speaking event. As I listened to him intently I got the feeling he enjoyed having an audience. I nearly asked him if he wrote or performed in his spare time only to decided it was a stupid idea and I might make a mug of myself in front of my peers.

The experience wasn’t all pleasant however and we were invited to sit and take notes in the public gallery as the judge passed sentence over a rape charge. It wasn’t until I was outside chatting with someone that I realised the enormity of what had just happened in the court and how the job of being a judge must be so difficult. Several peoples lives had been widely affected not only by the crime and the anguish it had caused but also by the sentence passed by the judge.

My second lecture of the day proved the value of applying what we learn in specific modules to both the work we do for assignments and the news we watch, listen to and read. I always took it for granted that news was set up in a specific way for all genres and that it was a fairly simple process. When I look back on what I now know, it makes the formula of what you consume as an audience easier to break down and digest. I can now even see why certain aspects of a story might be left out. It turns out journalist aren’t all monsters and there is just a little compassion there after all. There are also legal ramifications that have to be considered, never more so than now in light of the bad practice uncovered during the Leveson inquiry.

Away from uni work, now I have bored every poor soul who reads this to tears, I am seriously looking forward to next weekend. I am going to Old Trafford for the first time in over a year. When I think about how regularly I used to be able to attend matches it makes me sad to think that I can’t get there as often anymore. Being a skint student has its ups and downs and I am willing to take the rough with the smooth.

There is something about live sport, either participating or watching, that cannot be replicated anywhere else in life. Without wishing to sound like a caveman, there is a pack mentality attached to it and when I think about the sound and feeling of a game my hairs stand on end. Everything about live sport intensifies emotions and feelings at least that’s true for me anyway. Singing until your voice is hoarse and erupting in unison with thousands of like minded people is something that becomes an addiction. It’s something I better not get too engrossed in however as I cannot afford regular trips.

I should really make a start on some work but my brain always feels like it has been put through an obstacle course on a Monday.  I think I might just sit back and watch some rubbish TV and resist the urge to smoke. Wish me luck!


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