Happy Daze and Sunday Gluttony

Over the last couple of months I have allowed myself to slip into some pretty bad habits. Firstly I am not eating as well as I should be resulting in spending money where I don’t need to and consuming what can only be described as a dangerously unhealthy diet.

The routine seems to go as follows. Find a reason to go out on the weekend, enjoy myself, sometimes a little too much, feel like death of Sunday, put off eating for as long as possible, start eating, don’t stop eating until I fall asleep! This is not something that can be sustained and I am pleased to report that there are no plans or events coming up for about a month and so both my body and my bank balance can recover somewhat!

It is amazing how easy it is to fall into the trap of being so unhealthy. Over the summer I was feeling a lot better about myself having spent time working a fairly physical job and eating more healthily. Since my return to uni I have let most of that slip and I am determined for the sake of my health and not frittering away money to put it right.

All of that being said, the weekend was, as far as I can remember a pretty good success. I didn’t feel too terrible on Sunday although there was plenty of photographic evidence to suggest that I might have. I am probably the least photogenic person I know. I regularly find myself in photos that are of myself alone and think “wow that’s definitely not my good side” or in group photos that I have ruined by pulling a stupid face. A consequence of this is that unless I am drunk or feel under a certain amount of pressure, I hate having my photo taken. I don’t know what happens to me but I suddenly feel very awkward and conscious of how I should be holding myself when someone sticks a camera in my face.

Our Bristol routine seems to be pretty set in stone nowadays and I for one am pretty pleased with it. The start brings us to “The Apple” a wonderful floating boat pub with the most terrific selection of ciders available. A personal favourite is beautiful still cider called “Happy Daze” and it lives up to it’s name. Not too strong at 4.5% it reminds me of slow summer days with friends when all of life’s worries seem to dissipate and melt into the afternoon sun… That’s enough getting misty eyed over a drop of the good stuff and back to reality. Whilst my bank balance is relatively healthy I still wish I hadn’t frittered so much cash away over the last few weeks.  I am grateful for the quiet that comes over the next month before a friends 30th which I am very much looking forward to.

It would be remiss of me to forget to mention my mum’s birthday which is today. Happy birthday mum I know you will probably be the first to read this and I hope you are having a great day and dad is spoiling you! It is on days like today that you miss having your family within touching distance.

The full effects of the weekends partying and lack of sleep were felt keenly yesterday. Mondays are long drawn out affairs for the most part without having to fight to keep your eyes open. My lectures came and went without me really feeling I had taken much in. I fought to keep my concentration levels up but ultimately it was a battle I lost. It will be refreshing to go into next week free from any weekend poisons and actually concentrate fully on the tasks in front of me. I think that for most of the people I know who don’t have to work, there is a sense of letting yourself go on the weekend. All of a sudden the daily routine of weekly life comes to an end and you allow yourself to spend more time with those you love, doing the things you like. For some it is time spent with friends and family, for others it is sport and for some it is a time for solitude and rest. Whatever people like to do with their time when it’s free more often than not Monday serves as a sledgehammer to those wistful, sleepy, happy dreams.

Speaking of dreams I had a bash on the euromillions the other day and allowed myself to get carried away imagining all of the amazing things I could do with the money. All of the sporting events I could go and see. The places I could travel. The people I could help. It’s difficult to snap out of it once you start daydreaming but I’ve got work to do and a visit to the supermarket to bring me back down to earth. Nothing quite like a brisk stroll around the fridge section to help you to come back down with a bump!


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