Small talk and Bureaucracy

I have been described in the past, by teachers and others who are forced into spending any length of time with me, as a deeply analytical person. Sometimes I am aware of what I am doing and other times I catch myself staring at someone or something for too long and have to snap myself out of it.

Call it a flaw but I can’t help but make certain assumptions about people based on first impressions, the interest they take in others and their interests in general. I have in the past made poor first impressions myself and you would think that I would learn from these experiences.  This is not always the case. I find myself categorising people regularly and I find it difficult to warm to someone who I didn’t instantly take to.

This subject has been the trail of my thought since the weekend when I had several conversations with people I knew well, some I knew not so well and some I had never met before. I find when making small talk you can separate people into groups. Firstly there are those who are just being polite. They are happy to talk to you but aren’t necessarily interested in what you have to say. Then there are those who are generally interested. These people tend to be close friends and family memebers but there can be the odd exception. These people are the ones who I find I either can’t wait to talk to or can’t wait to get away from depending on what’s going on in my life! Next there are the people who ask a vague question and don’t really bother to listen to a response before either talking over the top of you or making their excuses and moving on entirely. It’s the last group of people who I really don’t understand. It is relatively easy to work out which kind of person in those groups you are talking to based on their reaction to you. What I find difficult to comprehend is why people would bother to ask you things like; “How’s uni?” Or “what you been up to?” When they clearly don’t care and have no interest in your response.

I believe that there are some people in life who walk around in a cloud of blind arrogance and ignorance so thick that it’s almost impossible to penetrate. I also don’t think people should torture themselves with uncomfortable small talk. If you have tried to be polite on numerous occasions with a person and found yourself getting no decent conversation out of them then don’t be afraid to head in the opposite direction the next time you see them. By all means say hi but then move on. If you don’t care and they don’t care then why put yourself through the awkwardness?

In other less judgemental news I spent more of yesterday than I would have liked filling out a risk assessment. Paperwork is tedious and if you are anything like me then you will sympathise. Spending time telling someone that I will check the weather forecast so as to avoid a lightning strike is beyond boring. Filling out a form to say I will wrap up if it is cold is pathetic. If people were to die as a result of these issues then I’m afraid that’s just natural selection in process!

I haven’t spent as much time today as I would have liked getting my head buried in uni work. It’s not like I have anything better to do either and it winds me up when I think about how much time I waste. I miss structure. I almost always need to write lists and make timetables. Not because I am anal but because I am not at all organised without these things. My timetable for today would be something of a gem and would read as follows:

10 am. Finally get out of bed after trawling through and exhausting all forms of entertainment via social media.

11 am. Make breakfast and then waste a couple of hours watching come dine with me and playing on the playstation.

2.30 pm. Read some stuff for uni.

3.30 pm. Return to using the Internet as a source of all entertainment.

That sort of brings me up to now. Interesting and exciting stuff I know! On the plus side I do have the weekend to look forward to. A trip to Bristol rarely fails to deliver and I am pinning my hopes on the Beer Keller bringing out the fun in everyone for Saturday night. Last time was so much fun but I am acutely aware that trying to repeat a great night usually ends in disaster. No pressure guys but we need to rock the hell out of “Lean forwards, lean backwards…”!


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