Modesty and reminiscing

Nothing keeps you quite so humble as a few days of solitary work cleaning toilets at forestry sites, or so I thought. Apparently when you throw in cleaning a room covered in bird and bat droppings you go to a whole new level! That was the majority of my weekend. Not that I didn’t appreciate some quiet time to reflect on things with what must be said are stunning surroundings, the views that is not the toilets!

Whilst my weekend was largely taken up by these activities it wasn’t all work and no play. On Friday evening I caught up with an old friend who I haven’t seen in far too long but unfortunately situations have conspired against us. A brief outing to what was once our local pub lead to us laughing, joking and sharing stories with anyone who would listen. I thought about sharing some on here but it is probably safe to say that we bored enough people on Friday, that and I don’t want to incriminate either of us!

Our first meeting is safe enough a story for me to share and I know he still gets a kick out of it. See the thing is with this particular friend is that he is a fairly larger than life personality. It’s also fair to say that when he’s introduced to alcohol that personality is stepped up a notch. If my memory serves me correctly I had gone out to watch football with some mates and was introduced as a mutual acquaintance. A few beers later and I am being screamed at for refusing to take his chewed gum from him and repeatedly asked “what’s wrong with me and my gum?!”. This at first provided a fair amount of amusement and laughter to me and everyone else in the pub but as the afternoon wore on I realised that he wasn’t going to give in so eventually I broke, snatched the gum from him, angrily chewed away before throwing it back to him.  He’d won. I could see from the immediate and enormous grin on his face that all he had wanted all along was to get a rise out of me. Not much has changed in all honesty and the man-boy is still an enormous wind up merchant.

Unfortunately that brief encounter in our old watering hole was all I would see of him that weekend as he returned home the next day. I was working in the morning anyway and it always seems to be difficult to properly let your hair down when you aren’t drinking and you know you have to be up in the morning. This is especially true when you can see everyone else around you getting merrier as the evening progresses.

After a relaxing Sunday afternoon watching some footy, films and saying bye to dad before he returns to Cyprus, I drove back to Worcester satisfied with the weekends events. Sometimes it’s better to be grateful for what you have got rather than dwelling on what you might have missed out on. After three days of 6 am starts my sleeping pattern has returned to normal and I woke up yesterday ready to attack the day. The day had other ideas however and I found concentration a real struggle yesterday. My trail of thought in lectures was laboured and by 4 pm I had (or at least my brain had) well and truly given up on trying to get any work done.

As I returned home that evening I found myself on edge. I don’t know if it was the fact that I had been working all weekend and then went back to a completely different environment but I had a nervous knot in my stomach and an accelerated heart rate. A feeling that you might get if you had lost something important or had forgotten to do something urgent. I discussed this with L and after a chat and a cigarette we were none the wiser as to the cause of my anxiety. As I sit and write this now feeling a hundred percent better I am still baffled as to the origin of my ill feelings but I’ve decided not to dwell on it too much for fear of them returning!

This evening is my favourite lecture which I am very much looking forward to. I believe me and a fellow old timer are going for a couple of swifties after which I am equally pleased about.  She mentioned yesterday that she might bring her boyfriend who I have only met once before but got along with really well. I am still finding it difficult to walk the line of making friends with people on the course and isolating myself by being home too much or only hanging around with people of similar age.

On a celebratory note, for anyone who didn’t already know, I am writing this post on my laptop which has finally been returned to me. Having done a couple of hours of work this morning it is tempting to check in with Don Draper and the gang at Sterling Cooper and Partners. I do however have a lot of reading to do… On the other hand tomorrow is a day free of lectures so why not spoil myself?


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