Mixed feelings

Having come into university and completed my work I am now writing this to pass some time. Yesterday was a deeply frustrating day. It is amazing how something pretty small and insignificant can ruin your mood for the day, or is that just me?

Having slept pretty badly, something that happens all too often, I made my way into university having forgotten to give myself the necessary caffeine boost needed to sharpen my mind. I already knew that we would be using video cameras for the lecture and a friend and sorted out the relevant kit. Before we were allowed to get out and use the kit however we were subjected to a sermon from the ever popular technician from the digital arts centre. To say I loathe this man would be an enormous understatement. So much so that last year I bought all of the kit I would need for the year so I would not have to deal with him. This is a pretty expensive pastime especially for a student, so this year I will have to grin and bear the contact time with the odious little toad (I called him much worse things yesterday to anyone who would listen!)

Having been released from the room and been thoroughly put off ever hiring out kit we ventured out to complete an exercise in familiarising ourselves with it.  This turned out to be good fun and involved buying and drinking coffee! You don’t realise quite how much of a slave to substances you are until they are removed for any period of time. A coffee and a cigarette are currently essential tools that I cannot be without and I have a funny feeling that this may have been an added cause to my morning grumpiness.

The lecture also revealed another source of relief. Another “mature” student to befriend. Whilst I have made friends with a few of the younger people on the course sometimes it is hard to find common ground. I like a beer as much as the next man but the environment that I drink it in is probably different to some of my younger friends. I know that I need to make more of an effort to socialise though. It’s no good moaning about a lack of friends if you’re not willing to try and make some.

The laptop situation is becoming critical. Not only am I sick and tired of being forced into university every time I need/want to use a computer. But it means having to go out to watch sport. Something which is made all the more difficult when people either aren’t interested, can’t afford it or have better things to do. The TV in the living room seems to be set constantly to ITV 2 or “Judge Judy” and frankly there is only so much of that I can take!

Much as university is a lot easier than a full time job, I had forgotten about how boring it can be at times. I need an outlet somewhere along the line and whilst this diary is providing some relief it will quickly become laboured, for both myself and whoever is reading it, if all I have to write about is how bored I am.  I think as I have mentioned in previous posts it boils down to too much time spent on my Todd. I need a partner in crime to go for a beer with, go to the cinema with, do anything with!!

The weekend is on the horizon and once again I am caught in the midst of a dilemma. I don’t really want to go home and I haven’t spoken to anyone about doing so and therefore have no idea about anyone’s plans. On the other hand if I don’t there is no guarantee that anyone will be around to do anything here in Worcester. I need to do something. Scratch that I have to do something. I cannot go through a weekend having done nothing after the slow week I have had. Give it a few weeks and I am sure I will be grateful for all this free time whilst the work piles up but that’s then and this is now. I am not a particularly patient man when it comes to these things and much like a child I need a lot of entertaining.  To make matters worse my mind keeps drifting off to Magaluf where I know the boys are living the dream. No matter what I decide to do this weekend, beer and sport are a must.  We men are simple creatures unlike our female counterparts. We don’t need a lot to keep us happy really. I’ll leave the rest up to your imagination.



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