Feeling Inspired

So all of my self doubt dissipated around 30 seconds into my lecture. As I said before I have a lot of time for my lecturer on this module and she has an uncanny way of making you feel like you are the only person in the room. I completely forgot about my issues regarding how late the lecture was taking place and settled right into it. I wasn’t the only one in the room feeling this way I could tell from the smiles on peoples face around me that we were going to enjoy this module.

A guest speaker from the Sunday Mirror came in to talk to us and was truly inspiring. Last year we had a few guest speakers and hardly any left you feeling any source of motivation let alone inspiration! This was most certainly not the case this time. He spoke passionately about the job and gave useful and interesting tips on writing and the job in general. Finally he entertained us all with amusing war stories and anecdotes that only a journalist who had been around the block could.

When I returned home yesterday I was buzzing with excitement and an overwhelming urge to write. There was my issue, still no laptop and the longer you leave this things the harder they become to emulate. It’s when I get in a frenzy of excitement like that, that’s the moment I capture most of my inspired ideas and pen my best work. The feeling can’t have passed altogether as I have come in to uni on a day off to write this and catch up on some work so it’s not all bad. I just feel that if I had sat down last night and started to write. I could have had reams of work and ideas by today.

To add to last nights hilarity our house was greeted by an amphibious visitor last night. Whilst myself and (for the purpose of this diary I will refer to the girls and L and K) L were outside “inspecting the guttering” Hip hop the frog decided he wanted inside and bounced his way into the kitchen before setting up camp in the bathroom desperately trying to get into the bath. There were mixed reactions to this activity K looked on in wonder and anticipation whilst L squealed and asked me to remove our new friend. Eventually after a few minutes of teasing I obliged using a colander to shepherd Hip hop back to his natural habitat outside.

Speaking of excitement, some of the boys are spending the last week of party season in Magaluf.  I have been before when I was 21 and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Whilst it’s not top of my list of holiday priorities nowadays it still would have been nice to compare it now I am older, uglier and wiser! I keep telling myself that I am too old to enjoy a holiday like that now but somehow I can’t stop the feeling of envy!

My day thus far has consisted of running menial errands and passing the time listening to music. I have resisted the urge to smoke but it’s getting towards that time of day when my body starts to scream “NICOTINE” at me and I know I am going to break sooner or later. I may wonder back into town later and see if I can find a source of entertainment, that and I need an extension lead. I can feel myself looking for ways to keep the cigarettes out of my mouth and I am running out fast!

I got a message earlier on from a close friend who I worked with during the summer. At one particular site in Gloucester one day I proclaimed to have heard cows but could not for the life of me work out where the “mooing” was coming from. I then spent a few days being ridiculed and told I was hearing things. Well today that friend sent me a picture which simply read “look in the background…. My bad!!” There they were in the field directly behind the site, clear as day, cows. Loads of the bloody things! I knew I hadn’t lost the plot just yet..



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